The factory formerly known as Chaoan town China Plastic Hardware Factory, located in the "Kingdom of stainless steel" known as the town center area, convenient transportation, strong technical force, over the years, is committed to all types of stainless steel products and plastic products development and production, has formed a plastic soft tube, stainless steel kitchenware, tableware as the main industry integrated industry, mainly the production of sanitary hose series, stainless steel shower series, stainless steel, stainless steel and other products, the factory since its inception, the spirit of enterprise sustainable development strategy, "committed to innovation, advance with the times", market-oriented, to technological innovation as the fundamental, and constantly develop competitive new products, by the majority of customers trust. Honor is certainly, it is a challenge more. Only with the development of innovation, not arrogant not hungry, Zhicungaoyuan, can we make the push the cause of another peak. Long-term since, Xin people have been committed to the plastic hardware R & D, and plastic hardware development obtains major breakthrough, effect is distinguished.
     The pursuit of the perfect world without end. Xin people will be efficient, professional, development, innovation, the spirit of rigorous for hardware plastic a better tomorrow and struggle! We sincerely invite home and a person of noble aspirations to join Xin, create Wai Yip.
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